Piles of prizes to be won

Up until now we have attracted a great amount of sponsors for the 3rd International Shrimp Championship. Thanks to the support of these companies we are able to award not only winners trophy’s, but also many material prizes for participants. 

These prizes are confirmed: 

Gift vouchers for Plants amounting to 35 Euro each, to use at the online shop Aquascaping Shop in Augsburg, Germany. 

Product packages including feed, water purification system, fertilizer and mineral compounds for the basic and first time care of shrimp from the company Aqua-Tropica from Nuremberg.

Gift vouchers amounting to 30 Euro each redeemable at the Drak Aquaristik’s online shop from Schönaich, Germany.

Nano-complete-sets Modell Fluval Ebi alternatively Modell Fluval Flora, each with Nano-CO²-equipment sponsored by the company Hagen Deutschland from Holm.

The company JBL GmbH from Neuhofen is supporting us with a contribution of 300 Euro to finance the winner trophy’s as well as feed.

Sera GmbH from Heinsberg is sponsoring a product pallet of feed and water additives as well as 3 Nano-Cube 60 aquarium tanks to be drawn by the participants of the public vote.

Furthermore Frank and Carstens Garnelenhaus from Oststeinbeck and the company Planet Plants from Lohfelden are sponsoring a great amount of plants and decoration for the attractiveness of the tanks.

Further companies have already announced their participation as a sponsor. We will be able to give away more prizes soon. Further information will follow.