Ambassadors of the Shrimp Championship

Ambassador vor Asia

Host of the Crystal Bee Shrimp Competition in Guangzhou China during the Aqarama - International Exhibition for Aquarium Suppliers and Ornamental Fish.
Markus KrieglMarkus W. Kriegl
Ambassador of Austria

Activities in the forums: (Webmaster),,
User name: „Kekule“
Statement: „No, they aren’t your lunch ;)“
Dirk_van_SteenbruggeDirk van Steenbrugge
Ambassador of Belgium and Luxembourg

Activities in the forums (Administrator), (Administrator)
User name: „dirk“ or „steenbrugge“
Statement: „Always look at the bright side of live, it’s always worth living it. So always think positive and be honest.“
Henrik Hansen
Ambassador for Denmark

Activities in the Facebook group
Statement: "keep it simple... don't rush it... and enjoy the shrimpkeeping."
GarnelenklickThe Team of
Ambassador of Germany

Members of the Team: Marko Buschbeck, Torsten Rosenthal, Marina Berger, Johannes Gümmer, Jens Krüger, Daniel Welters-Krack, Jürgen Ideker, Patrick Seidel
SzengyoIstvan Szabolcs Szentgyörgyi
Ambassador of Hungary

Activities in the forum (Administrator)
User name: „szentgyo“
Statement: „You become responsible , forever, for what you have tamed“
crustahunter_banner 150x150The team of
Ambassadors International (Languages: English, Polish, Spain, German)

Members of the team: Ulli Bauer, Patricia Braak, Heike Dixon, Stefani (Momo) Kerzinger, Simone Meier, Andrea Wieser, Jennifer Luetz, Chris Lukhaup, René Türckheim.

Statement: „The Shrimp Championship is a wonderful thing since it brings together international breeders and it presents beautiful animals to the public that would otherwise be almost unattainable."
yuval_israelYuval Mashiah
Ambassador o Israel

Activities in the forums, (Israel) and , (Global) .
User name: “Shrimpinzon” , “Xforce”
Statement: „Work hard, play harder“
Corine van Mourik
Ambassador for the Netherlands

Activities in the forum and in diverent Facebook groups.
User name: Corine / Corine van Mourik
Statement: „Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning (R.T. Bennett)“
PaczkowskiMichal Paczkowski
Ambassador of Poland

Activities in the forums (Administrator);;
User name: Saiqpat
Statement: Shrimpkeeping is not just an awesome hobby but also a chance to meet great people from all over the world, and share your passion with them.
aqaruPavel Belyaev
Ambassador of Russia

Activities in the forums (Admin and owner),
Jennifer LuetzJennifer Luetz
Ambassador of Sweden

Activities in the forums and
User name: „JenL“
Statement: „Räkoholic“
Sebastian PratiSebastian Prati
Ambassador of Italy and Switzerland

Activities in the forums,,, (expert) and (administrator)
User name: „dageti84“, „muschio“, „sebastian prati“
beeshrimpDaniel Galbiati
Ambassador of Switzerland

Activities in the forums,,,,, (Administrator and Moderator)
User name: „Däggy“
Statement: „Träumt nicht eure Träume, lebt sie!“
Dilwyn_TngDilwyn Tng
Ambassador of Taiwan and Singapore

Activities in the forums,, and in various Facebook Groups.
User name: „silane“
Alpay TeraziAlpay Terazi
Ambassador of Turkey

Activities in the forum: Karidesforum | Karides Severlerin Sitesi and
Username: apisto (administrator)
Facebook groups: Turkiye Shrimp Breeders & Keepers, Shrimp World
Statement: „Tiny, little waterbug bringing joy to our lifes.“
tereseTherese Neal
Ambassador for USA

Active in forum and in the Facebook Groups USA Freshwater Shrimp and Plants, International Shrimp Contest USA (Administrator), Extreme shrimpers, North Florida Shrimp and Plants and others.
Username: TLYONS01

Why not become an official ambassador for the International Shrimp Championship as well and pass on the latest news about the competition abroad? You can help us make the competition more widely known and increase the popularity of shrimp-keeping as well.

You can apply now at Just let us have a few lines about yourself and tell us in which country you could act as ambassador.

All official ambassadors will have their profile and photo published here on this page. What is more, all of them will be able to call themselves an “Official ambassador of the International Shrimp Championship” in their forum signature.